It’s no question that the Baltimore Ravens are the team to watch right now. There’s a buzz about the city due to its 10 game winning streak and the team’s quarterback Lamar Jackson is one of the ones to thank.

But despite all the accolades, he continues to stay humble, always pointing out what he could have done better and where he’d like to help the Ravens go.

On Wednesday, Jackson was asked by the media if there is something or someone that keeps him humble while he’s enjoying all this football success.

“The Lord,” he promptly responded. “I give Him all His praise, the glory, the honor, because of what I am. I could have been doing anything, it’s crazy. I’ll be thinking about it, talking to Him throughout the day, like, ‘Man, I appreciate You, I thank You.’

Because if you feel like you’re bigger than the Lord, that’s when all that success die, it goes away. You got to let Him know He’s the reason you [have had] that much success.

So I appreciate that from Him. And I’ve got my family around me, my teammates, great teammates, coaching staff. We’ve just got to keep it going and let the Lord know He’s No.1.”